Digital Visual Transformations – Invented Realities



This project is designed to help sharpen and hone your digital imaging and compositing skills through an in-depth exploration in to the content and imagery of invented worlds and realities.  (Conceptual development and quality of Photoshop compositing techniques will be stressed.)

With a focus on using Photoshop to manipulate images, each student will explore visual juxtapositions of compositing imagery to create imagined structures, environments, and subjects to inhabit their own personal invented reality.  Consider creating a personal, political or world commentary through your imagery.  Handwork techniques (painting, drawing, collage, etc..) may also be employed as a tool used towards image development, but a large- scale digital print must comprise the majority of the piece.




Create a black and white digital photograph that has a clear emotional interpretation created by the composition, focal point, and depth of field.  Using Photoshop manipulate the value, hue, saturation and/or temperature to create a different interpretation of the same composition.  Consider the emotional and historical theories of color to develop specificity in meaning.  Lastly, through acrylic paint, create a third iteration that creates an emotionally opposing read that clearly contrasts the Photoshoped composition. 

Duplicity - 2D Design


A composition will contain two or more opposing, contradictory or supportive concepts.  The initial reading of the composition will reveal one meaning while a second closer look will reveal a secondary duplicitous meaning within the context of the composition. Perceived shapes create one meaning while real shapes create another meaning. 

Finding multiple meanings within the context of the composition.  Exploring visual meanings that can contradict or support.

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